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The Tidewater

Another clean,  yet sophisticated look
I love my kitchen; it is where we spend the majority of our time. It is a spacious but inviting place in our home that can accommodate everyone. If given the choice to stay home or go out, our family and friends prefer to come here and enjoy cooking and eating together in our kitchen. – Kim Konka, Homeowner

The room has a refined clean appearance. It utilizes base cabinetries designed to conform to the stand-alone wall pieces for a furniture-like look. The kitchen has several focal points including a large armoire for the double refrigerator/freezer, a range mantel providing a “hearth room” feel, and a striking fan-shaped island perfect for informal gatherings. This style room is for a discerning homeowner seeking an inviting space for preparing meals, entertaining, and sharing everyday family moments.

Featured photos - Konka kitchen: Design Ideas for Kitchens, by Susan Hillstrom, 2009







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