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7817 Oldchester Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20817

Endless Possibilities with
No Pre-Conceived Boundaries

“Outside the Industry” Artistic Imagination:

True innovation requires unconstrained creativity. Almost all kitchens are limited in design options due to the industry's standard practice of selecting cabinet boxes from a catalog. The result is a room with an appearance that is predictable at best - redundant at worst. The kitchen may function well and look attractive, but the end effect is predictable--a room filled with standard cabinetry taken from a catalog of options perceived by the manufacturer to appeal to most homeowners. This approach often results in “look-a-like” rooms.

Project sample 2

The Bradford Design product is created with a totally open mind free of design limitations. Custom details, coupled with an artistic vision for the room's appearance are what distinguish a project. If your vision for a room is unique to your personal tastes and style of living, then you should consider the Bradford Kitchen.


Project sample 1

The Planning Model
A distinctive approach is used by Bradford Design to create the “Bradford Kitchen:”

Each new Bradford Kitchen starts as a clean canvas with limitless possibilities. The designer's inspiration is formed by a number of factors: the home's architectural style, the specific room's dimensions and, of course, the direction and participation from the client.

Project sample 2